Winner of our February FREE ADVERTISING contest

Winner of our February FREE ADVERTISING contest


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Diana Rose writes YA Fantasy Romance novels for teenagers. She writes about true love and how her characters overcome difficult obstacles of separation, kidnapping and repeatedly having their bond unapproved by family members her two main characters, Princess Amy of the Moon Kingdom and Prince Darien from the Earth Kingdom must fight to stay together. Book 1: Forbidden Love is the first installment in Diana Rose’s Power of Love Series which introduces her readers to what unconditional love and true love is really capable of and how powerful true love can really be. Diana Rose’s Power of Love Series starts off with a beautiful  family story that proves that true love is possible and can overcome any obstacle. Her book brings the reader into a magical fantasy world filled with fairies, talking wolves, evil princes and magical powers that teenagers can fantasize about.


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March 10th, 2015

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