Who has it Harder in Life: Men or Women?

Who has it Harder in Life: Men or Women?

The age old question: who has it harder, men or women? What makes it more difficult to be a man? What makes it more difficult to be a woman? Or do both sexes have it equally hard?

These questions are not easy to answer. First of all, it’s often impossible to judge one’s life experience just based on their gender. We are all individuals and we all face different problems and obstacles. However, certain things are unique for one gender and not the other. Same goes for certain experiences and yes, hardships.

So, who has it harder in today’s world?

Different Problems and Obstacles

Let’s face it: it’s not easy to be a human being. Life has numerous hardships, and it’s truly problem-free only for a very small percentage of population. Often times, these hardships have nothing to do with gender.

It’s also an issue of a perspective. If you are a guy, chances are that you will think that men have it harder; it you are a woman, you will think women have it harder. The truth is, both are right: there are many different things that make life hard for people. Many of these things do not have anything to do with gender.

However, if we try to look at the expectations and a typical male vs female experience, certain patterns do emerge.

For example, men are often required to be tough in every situation, so it’s more difficult for them to show any sign of a weakness. While this situation may seem great on the outside, it does make one’s life harder.

Sexy WomanOn the other hand, women are under more pressure when it comes to physical appearance and difficult to achieve beauty standards. That not to say that men never have to worry about their appearance. In fact, while worrying about physical looks and attractiveness is often seen as a female-only problem, it affects men, too. The expectations and beauty standards are different, but they exist for both sexes.

These are just some of the examples of different life circumstances men and women face.

The Dating World

Another problem men face is when it comes to flirting and romance. Men are expected to be the ones who always initiate contact. Men are those who – according to both sexes – should be the ones approaching. It can be a source of stress and anxiety for both men and women, but it’s not something that is likely to go away. This pressure to always approach affects men deeply. Not to mention constant rejection many men face in everyday life.

On the other hand, men are not the only ones who have it hard when it comes to dating. While they are always expected to be the ones who make the first move, approach and ask women out, the burden of the dating world can be really stressful for women, too. First and foremost, the dating world can be a source of danger for women. They are more common victims of sexual violence than men. However, that doesn’t mean that there are no male victims or that there are no men who are victimized by women.

All in all, the dating world can be a very cruel place for both men and women. Each sex has its own hardships that should not be overlooked.  

Women and Motherhood

If you look at biology, it seems like being a woman is harder. Certain biological experiences are particularly difficult for women. For example, pregnancy and childbirth. This is one of the most difficult and stressful times for a woman’s body. Especially in the past, it could lead to a painful and traumatic experience not all women survived. Of course, we don’t have to face these grave consequences in today’s world, but pregnancy and childbirth are still stressful and difficult for a woman. This is one area in which, biologically, women definitely have it harder than men.pregnancy-

Of course, motherhood is a cherished and rewarding period in a woman’s life, but it also brings hardships. Being a mother is not easy, and it’s definitely something requiring a person to invest a lot of their time and energy. In fact, being a mother is probably one of the most difficult things in a woman’s life. Let’s just say this is an area in which women definitely have it harder. While being a father is not easy and while it does require some time and energy, mothers are those who usually take most of the effort in raising a child, especially in the first years. Mothers are typically the more involved parents. Motherhood takes a lot of time and energy so as great and beautiful as it is, it’s also something that makes female experience harder than male.

On the other hand, men have it much harder in another area of life, which makes their experience altogether more stressful and, dare to say, harder than women’s.

Providing for All

One often overlooked aspect why men have it harder is pretty central to everyone’s life experience: men are required to provide for the family. While attitudes toward this are changing, it’s still very much true that men are expected to be the sole breadwinners in the family.

It puts a lot of pressure on men, because they are not only responsible for their own wellbeing but for the others in their life as well. Men are expected to provide and to be able to take care of their family. While it may seem like a small thing, it’s actually a heavy burden that makes men face numerous obstacles. It’s not easy to achieve it all, especially when you are expected to be the only one to provide for your family. It takes a lot of time, energy, as well as physical and mental strength to achieve all of this.

Job Growth, Unemployment Rate Both Drop In SeptemberNot to mention that men are often employed in physically exhausting yet low-paying jobs. Manual labor tends to be really hard and bothersome. The worst of all, it usually doesn’t bring enough money for a man to be able to provide for his family adequately. This can lead to frustrations, stress and other problems. Such a situation can make a man feel incompetent or less manly.

Since so much emphasis is put on a man to provide and to be able to take care not just for himself but his whole family, it’s clear how not being successful in this area can be hard for a man. There is a constant pressure to be successful, to provide, to make things happen; men are faced with the fact that lives of their family members depend on them. This can be a tremendous hardship for any man.

For all these reasons, and with all due respect to women and their experiences, I’d say that men actually have it harder. It’s often difficult to judge since gender expectations are different for men and women, but the burden of providing for the whole family and having to carry all of this effort on your own definitely make it hard to be a man.



February 11th, 2015

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