TSA Footage Of a New Mother That Will Piss You Off

TSA Footage Of a New Mother That Will Piss You Off

This is going too far! I have so many questions about what I’m seeing here.

The police officer came and said he can’t do anything? He is aware of what’s going on here, but he can do nothing? If she doesn’t comply with TSA’s petty shenanigans he would have to arrest her at their request? My question here is, when did TSA start having more power than the police?? Logic says it’s because TSA is a federal group, but my rebuttal is that TSA agents are just regular people who passed an extensive background check. They didn’t have to go through any special training like cops, FBI, or any other federal or government personnel. Can she sue based on the footage? She missed her flight, was detain, harassed, and made to expose her child’s sustenance to the elements because of these heartless bastards!

And people think Marshal Law is conspiracy theory? Take a look at what’s going on around you!


August 2nd, 2016

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