Project #GetFit

Project #GetFit

OK, So like I said at the end of the show on Tuesday, I’ve begun exercising again  . I work ALOT because I own a company and have a kid, so I feel like I never have enough time in the day. Although I’m not fat, I know that I still have to workout for heart health — and who am I kidding, I want to lose a couple of pounds – can we say 1401752310_beach-eating-kim-kardashian-zoom beyonce-gq-cover JAMIE-EASON-30-DAY-WORKOUTINS3


OK OK I know those are unrealistic goals because they are all photoshopped, BUT I can get to MY ideal body image if I put my mind to it.

SO….I’ve started #moving again!! I started on Monday (DON’T JUDGE ME!) and for every day I workout, I put a big green X on the calendar!! I’m actually sooo excited and I would like YOU to join me!

I’ve been doing the March Madness Workout AND the Nike Training Get Lean Beginner.











So I worked out Monday and Tuesday; Wednesday is my off day. Believe it or not, I’m sore. Funny thing, Monday, while working out, I was dancing my ASS off in between sets so I basically worked out the entire time. I worked up a good sweat and heart rate. I was SO proud of myself!

Tuesday, I wasn’t able to leave the house/ office so I just walked in place – with high knees – for a total of 30 minutes while I was in an online meeting. Heart rate was up; MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! We are back to it tomorrow!

So, will YOU be joining me? Let me know below  or on Twitter or Facebook (handle NoConductRadio).

As always folks, PEACE OUT!!





March 11th, 2015

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