Hey! Welcome to our panel of knowledge! Were you wondering who Cee and Logic were and why they are at each other’s throats all the time? Ever wondered what Charé looked like or why should you take advice from anyone on this show?

Well wonder no longer! Here are the panel of hosts!!


She is the producer, engineer, and main host of the show. Ky is a “serial entrepreneur” and runs a prosperous small business consulting firm in the Philadelphia, PA area. As you heard, she originally hails from St. Thomas, USVI imgStThomasHomePromo Ky has always wanted a radio show due to her curiosity in the Psychology of men and women. She hopes you enjoy No Conduct Radio and hopes that it brings you both entertainment and education about the differences in everyone.  In Ky’s words “ out everyone!!!”


1236517_1377808869195925_5954027921113959512_nLogic Wiseman is a co-host on our panel and our anonymous sexy guy (judging by the response his picture gets!)  He and Cee usually get in VERY heated discussions and often butt heads due to the fact that they are BOTH stubborn.  Logic

is a Philly native and as his name states, he’s more logical than emotional. He looks at everything from 01001111010.



Princess Char CLCharlotte, AKA Charé, is another co-host on our panel and is No Conduct Radio’s resident celebrity.

Imagine if you will, relocating at the tender age of 13 to an Indian Reservation in Northern New Mexico, a World away from the one dimensional Wood Lands of Midwest Ohio. Meet Charlotte Elizabeth, also known in the Entertainment World as “Model Charé’ with the influence of an Ambassador Mother, a proud Black Indian who taught English, French and Religion at a nearby Boarding School.  Charlotte’s life growing up was surrounded with Native Culture, Pow Wows, Indian Food and an equal blend of Southern Traditions passed on from Africa. Her grandmother’s grandparents were from the Sudan.  Although they were slaves, they were very proud of their history.


10882312_775095452538506_291553501048146432_nBernie J, aka B.J. (named by Ky in the very first show), is the quiet one of the group. He was born and raised in Center City Philadelphia and plays a variety of musical instruments. He has a bachelor’s in multimedia/visual arts and his hobbies are listening to jazz music, attending fashion shows, traveling, and shopping. He lives by, “Treat others the way you would like to be treated.”