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A DIY (do it yourself) guide to build or increase traffic for your website; whether you are a new business or established company. This book is for beginners who are not really familiar with SEO or website traffic techniques, however; it is a handy reminder tool for those who have a general familiarity with gaining website visitors.

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The Conversation by Annette LongThe Conversation by Annette Long

And Then There Were None And Then There Were None by Clay Thomas William

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Bill Johnstone has written six thrillers about the adventures of investigative journalist Mike McCabe. Join him as he tackles contemporary issues such as the banks, the security agencies, money laundering, rape, diplomatic immunity, child abduction and domestic violence.


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The Farm

Lieutenant Kyle Dirk is a Recon Marine who has grown weary of the war in Afghanistan. When his wife finds the perfect small farm near their idyllic hometown, Kyle looks forward to living the rest of his life in rural peace. But soon their dreams are shattered by a web of corruption, land-grabbing, and violence. Although there is no law, Kyle is determined to bring justice. He realizes that sometimes, the war needs to be fought on the home front as well. Available on Amazon.

The Harvest
The narrator, Michael, tells the story of the Earth coming to an end and sets out to find another planet that can sustain life as Earth does. At first, there are a lot of unanswered questions, but as the story progresses things start to unfold. Will Humanity Survive? Available on myshopify.

pennie and the big dinosaur

Pennie and the Big Dinosaur is about a 7 year old girl who discovers a big dinosaur while on a camping trip. She wants to take it home as a pet, but her mom doesn’t allow her, because she simply doesn’t believe her. The dinosaur gives Pennie her mom a ride of their lives to prove it.


Introducing The Angel Brings Fire, an exciting new 4-volume series of modern fantasy / superhero novels about a mighty alien being, who may be Earth’s only hope against total annihilation. And the unique gift of the “Holy Fire” that she brings, will forever change the course of human history!

The Angel Brings Fire can be ordered from Amazon or Barnes & Noble in paperback format, or, in e-Book format, from Amazon, iTunes, Google Books, Lulu, or other fine on-line retailers (average e-Book price per volume : $2.99 U.S.).

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What A Day From A Night

A bohemian tale of attraction that plays with the concepts of memory, What a Day for a Night recounts a romantic encounter of two people, meeting for the second time, saying what could be goodbye on the streets of Paris.

You can fill your romantic heart here: What a Day For a Night


the angry movie guy

Angry Movie Guys is about Charlie Zimmerman, an awkward film reviewer who chooses to become a sensational verbally incontinent film critic known as the “Angry Movie Guy” to achieve fame and success. When his biting review and explosive T.V. fit threatens to destroy the career of Alexa, an absent minded fiery independent filmmaker whom Charlie has fallen in love with he must re-examine his personal life and career. This event serves as a catalyst for his Grinch-like personal redemption. More in touch with his feelings, Charlie relentlessly pursues Alexa like a love-struck fool while Harry, the lewd producer of his show unrelentingly plots against the budding romance using the “bad- publicity” model as his tool to keep them apart. Charlie won’t give up with out a fight! In the end, he is able to move beyond his egocentric personality and win the heart of Alexa.

Laugh, cry, and fill your tender heart here: The Angry Movie



Ghostly Chills

My book is suitable for 13 year olds to adult… Ghostly Chills is the 3rd book in my 5 book series Fairies, Angels, Ghosts and Ghouls ..By S. L. Howarth. My web page is and the book is available on Amazon books UK and USA. A mysterious soul appears in Magentis Castle as unearthly sounds fade. Taz is alone in Magentis Castle and the spirit realm awakes. Taz runs into a demonic force, then werewolves abduct her.

The Education System is Broken

My name is Cathy Tooley and I am a consultant, trainer, speaker, and the owner of Tools for Success, a company positioned to enhance learning through various tools. I am also a retired educator with over thirty years of experience in the classroom and as a high school principal.

I have written a book that needs to be read by anyone who cares about education and our children!!!

The Education System is Broken: Strategies to Rebuilding Hope, Lives, and Futures looks at our educational system as it currently works and evaluates not only why this system is broken, but also how we might move forward, together, to fix it.

So, how do we fix our failing schools?  We begin by finally taking the educator out from behind the desk and bringing them to the table to share in the decisions and solutions regarding what is happening in our schools. It is time to part the curtains on our public school system and show you the villains, the heroes, the talented, and the not-so-talented. It is time to give you a behind-the-scenes view of our educational stage.

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Henry White is an immortal shackled in a teenager’s body. But such powers do not come without great tragedy. The embattled boy escapes to a new world, and builds an isolated mansion in the United States. Overtime, civilization grows all around it, as does curiosity of its inhabitants. The lingering pesky questions summon the immortal out, and in order to avoid moving from his beloved home, he is forced to attend high school. Much to his own surprise, he rediscovers how to live, yet it is not without its challenges. He is surrounded by humans, the very thing he considers food. Surprisingly, he befriends some, and perhaps begins to feel something more toward Elizabeth. But that feeling cannot be entertained, for his archrivals place him in a dire position-to choose his immortal life or to live among humans.Will he overcome the wrath of ancient evil?
Can he save his beloved?

Daniel Newman, the star from Vampire Diaries and The Walking Dead said, “It’s my new favorite vampire book.
Priyanka blogs, “by far, this is one of my favorite books this year.”
Available on Amazon

Undercover Thief

Pamela Torres has been breaking the law since she was nine years old. Left alone in London, needing to steal to survive, Pamela has managed to make a life for herself. Then, one day, Pamela’s parents turn up again and turn her whole world upside down. They enroll her in a school, but this school is unlike any school that Pamela has ever heard of before. The Victoria Institute isn’t just any school. It’s a school for spies! First Book in the Undercover Thief series, written by H.T.King. Written in her unique style, this book is a must read for anyone with an adventurous streak and love of laughter. Also available on Kindle

dating after divorce from lemons to zesty lemon sorbet

Divorced and Scared No More! Emotional Support for the Newly Divorced

practical advice for the newly divorced

Tasher along with co-author Tony Haynes published a 3 book series called ‘Divorced and Scared No More’. The main objective of this book was to help in dealing with a divorce. No two people will have identical situations, hopefully the DASNM series will assist others with the least amount of trepidation, during this difficult transition.
Tasher is not a professional therapist, rather she is sharing because she has “been there and done that” understanding how it FEELS. Therapist and clinical author Justin Nutt LSCSW, LAC consults as her technical advisor. Insuring everything presented be accurate and quality material while still being a comforting, easy-to-read guide to surviving divorce.
On Tasher’s 26th anniversary, her marriage was broken all to pieces, but she was not going to let the divorce break her. Tasher quickly discovered that single life was very different from all those years ago. Like many, she initially was scared. Yet she was determined to become Divorce and Scared NO More!
After moving to Houston she decided to share with others things she learned while rebuilding her life. The launch of quickly received a worldwide following. The logo was inspired by a set of broken pilot wings. Tasher launched the website and became a frequent contributor to various online magazines.

Ashes and Asphalt
Bill Byrne is dead and his last request is for his estranged sons, Mike and Kyle, to bring his ashes to the Sturgis Rally in South Dakota. They have five days to travel two thousand miles and if they survive a renegade biker from New Orleans, three carjacking lunatics, and the police, they’ll be home free…unless they kill one another first.
You can purchase it on Kindle or Paperback.


Move over Jack Handey, these Deeperest Deep Thoughts are the most hilarious deep thoughts to yet come into existence. They are deeper, the deepest thoughts.

For the last ten years, Colin Newcomer has been tirelessly working on his own deep thoughts 16 hours a day, ensuring you a deep belly laugh and hysterical giggles when you read them. Some deep thoughts are Jack Handey-esque, others more Colin Newcomer-esque, and will leave you with deep insights into life and the universe.

In this book you will get all the inspiration and wisdom you need to thrive in your everyday life. Here you will learn the secret of life, what true love is, and even how to fight terrorists. Also, these deep thoughts are 2 thoughts deeper than any other deep thoughts, as they have 98 rather than 96 pages.

This book is beautifully illustrated by the masters of art from all of history, which accompany the Deep Thoughts perfectly. Did they paint these pictures knowing one day they would pair with these deep thoughts? Probably not, but they fit so well, you’ll still have to wonder.

A world without deep thoughts is not any kind of world worth living in. Thank goodness we don’t have to imagine what that world would be like.


Haunted cemeteries can be powerful, intriguing, and sometimes scary ghost hunting sites. According to author Fiona Broome, about one in five cemeteries has ghostly energy or some baffling anomaly.

In addition, a haunted cemetery can offer multiple research opportunities.

For example, many haunted cemeteries have at least three “hot spots.”

The cemetery entrance can be littered with spirits. Some refused to enter the cemetery, but had no idea where to go, next.

Immediately outside the cemetery, you may find haunted graves in unconsecrated or unhallowed ground. (”Unconsecrated” and “unhallowed” have similar meanings. Those areas were not blessed by the clergy, and were not dedicated for Christian burials.)

Inside the cemetery, you’ll find at least one area with a haunted reputation.

Those are three opportunities for successful ghost investigations, at just one cemetery.

In almost every community, at least one cemetery is worth investigating. Most cemeteries are easy to access and cost nothing to explore.

This book explains how to find cemeteries in your area, no matter where you are. If you’d like to investigate ghosts at off-the-beaten-path cemeteries, and sites that other ghost hunters overlook, start with this book.

No matter what your level of expertise, cemeteries can provide memorable ghostly encounters.

This is the second book in Fiona’s “Ghost Hunting in Haunted Cemeteries” series. Each is a short, stand-alone book, and the series can be read in any order.


OAKVILLE tells the coming of age story of Rey’Shawn, who grows up in West Oakland with a poor, single mother, who is part-time as a prostitute, and learns from his older brother Demaray how to sell drugs and, if necessary, kill which he was taught at the same age. Its the tale of how Rey’Shawn continued the thug life, and how it affected his friends and family, all before reaching the age of 21.

It's Not Your Journey

It’s Not Your JourneyIn her first published work, Rebecca Lombardo collects her internationally followed blog into the pages of It’s Not Your Journey. This memoir candidly details Rebecca’s two year long chronicle of her struggles with bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, self-injury, and recovery from a suicide attempt. Rebecca shares her real and raw feelings on these subjects, as well as addressing other issues that have contributed to her downward spiral and eventual climb out of her own pit of despair. Issues such as the loss of her mother to lung cancer, the death of her brother, abandonment from friends and family members due to her hospitalization, and more. This book is about the author’s personal journey with mental illness. She is not a professional, rather an advocate that hopes her story can help those going through similar struggles.


Paper PaulieLatest Novel by LR Claude, a Young Adult author with an eye for drama and adventure. Follow Paper Paulie from the US, to the jungles of Vietnam through 3 generations and home again, this touching story speaks of military and family.
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The MirenaThe first novel by Shamar Harris, follows 17 year old Aria Cadwell is living in the society of Translegence, which is divided into four Sectors which were established with peace after an anonymous war, and genocide that happened in Translegence’s past. But when the society’s yearly test proves that she is something dangerous, she must face The Mirena. A deadly labyrinth where she must side with others like her, and they must fight for their survival.
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