Marriage in America – Why Not to Get Married Without a Prenup

Marriage in America – Why Not to Get Married Without a Prenup

12This show comes from a post I saw this week about Hulk Hogan and his ex-wife. With the divorce rate so high in the U.S, why is it that we don’t have more iron clad prenups?

In this episode, we find out who would get a prenup/ why and whowouldn’t/ why?

We also question what’s going on with the state of marriage?

Follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter to say your peice. Have you been married and divorced? Did you have a prenup or did your significant other take you to the cleaners?

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13Update: Many of the hosts and listeners said they would not get a prenup as love and trust should be paramount in a marriage. Even off air, we14 received many messages stating that a prenup should not be considered.

We spoke with Maria Daniela on Twitter @blstapicciridda and she stated that she thinks everyone should get a prenup. You can view the entire conversation on our twitter page @NoConductRadio.


February 5th, 2015

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